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Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. I plan on using this to track my everyday penny pinching tips while using coupons and sales. I am a 22 year old mother to an 18 month old daughter and am currently expecting a baby boy. My husband and I have had our fair share of financial hardships due to the poor economy, yet we have made it through with simple frugality. I grew up watching my grandmother clip coupons and never really understood what the big deal with saving $.50 here and there was until now. We have managed to live on one income and haven't had to sacrifice many of life's conveniences. These frugal tips are what I plan on sharing with you so that you can hope for less financial strain. Please stay tuned!

My Walgreens 4-Day Sale Pics!

Here is a total of everything I was able to purchase during the Walgreen's 4-day sale.  I was only able to make one trip due to work, so I could have done better! :)

I purchased:
1 Schick Intuition Razor (had a free Q from a complaint)
11 Neutrogena for Men products
1 pk. Conair brushes
3 Scrunci Hair clips
6 Theraflu
4 Just for Men
10 Triaminic (got raincheck for 8 more!)
5 Renu
5 Various $1 candies
5 Stayfree
10 Chinet
1 toy guitar
lots of Christmas bags (20+)

Total OOP: $29.xx (we have 8% tax on everything! )
Total Savings: $349.78
RRs receives: $84

Total Profit:  $54!!  :)

Great Toy deal during the 4-Day Walgreens Sale!

Also, during the 4-day sale starting tomorrow at Walgreens, all of the $9.99 toys will have an in-ad Walgreen's coupon for $4 off, making them only $5.99 each!!  This is a super good deal and there are a ton of these toys to choose from.  Almost all of the toys at Walgreens fall into this catagory and will make Christmas go a lot further for those on a tight budget.  You should be able to spend $25 and get the $5 register reward also.  There is a limit of 3 per transaction so it would work like this:

3 toys @                $9.99
Total:                      $29.97 plus tax
-$4 In-Ad Q x3      -12.00
                              $17.97 plus tax, receive $5 register reward

That is a super great buy for 3 toys! You can then use that $5 Register Reward to buy another toy for only $0.99 plus tax!! 

Awesome Walgreens 4 day Sale Starting 12/09/2009!

Starting tomorrow, Walgreens will be offering several great products for Free after Reigister Rewards.  These items include: Just for Men Touch of Grey Haircolor, Neutrogena for Men, Conair and Scrunci Hair Items, Renu Contact Solution, Stim-U-Dent, and Stayfree Feminine Care items.  If you purchase these items 1 at a time, then you can use the register reward that prints from it to pay for the next item, just make sure you are not using the register reward on the same item that it came from. This is called "rolling" your register rewards.  Some of these also have coupons to pair up with the deals to make them money makers.

(Print each coupon 2 times by hitting the back button after the first coupon prints!)
Coupon for Just for Men
Coupon for Renu
Coupon for Stayfree

This deal gets even better if you want to put them in the same transaction.  During this 4-day sale, Walgreens is running a special where if you spend $25, then you get a $5 register reward.  So here is a scenario for you:

Just for Men                  $6.99
Neutrogena for Men      $4.99
Conair or Scruni            $2
Renu                             $9.99
Stim-U-Dent                 $2
Stayfree                        $1.99
                     Total        $27.96 plus tax
Just for Men Coupon     -2.00
Renu Coupon                -2.00
Stayfree Coupon           -1.00
                  Total         $22.96 plus tax
Get back the following Register Rewards:  $5 for spending $25, $7 Just for Men, $5 Neutrogena, $10 Renu, $2 Stayfree, $2 Stim-U-Dent, and $2 for Conair/Scrunci for a total of $33 Register Rewards!!

FREE Schick Razors at Rite Aid/ Wal-mart!

Rite Aid is running their Black Friday sale from Thursday until Saturday.  They will be opening at 9 am on Thursday!  In their Ad, they have Schick Intuition Razors, the best!, for $1.99.  That is a steal of a price since they are normall around $10.  In this past Sunday's smartsource coupon insert, there was a coupon for $2 off making them FREE!!!

Also, the are multiple other Schick disposable razors on sale for $0.99.  There was another coupon for Schick disposables in Sunday's paper for $1 making them FREE!!

Even without the coupons, these are a steal!!

It has been said that Rite Aid will be limiting these razors to 1 per customer, however, there is a way around the limit.  Walmart has stated in their black Friday ad that they will match any other black friday deals, so take your Rite Aid ad on over to Walmart and Price Match!!!

Time to stock up!!

My Weekly Finals! 11/15-11/21/2009

Here are some pics of everything I was able to purchase this week using coupons between Walgreens and Rite Aid.  My total savings was:  $239.85 and my total out of pocket was :  $50.74!!  My out of pocket was a little higher than usual due to the purchase of some things that were needed for Christmas Gift packs that I did not get completely free.  However, they were still purchased for a steal of a deal!

I was able to purchase:
4- 12 packs of Quilted Northern Toilet Paper
20- Various Aussie Brand Hair Care
9- Rolls Scotch Tape
10- Gillette Shave Gel
4- Gillette Body Wash
3- Board Books
9- Christmas Pencils
1- Pack Aluminum Foil
6- Air Wick Products


Super Cheap Toilet Paper @ Rite Aid until Saturday!!

Rite Aid has 12 packs of Quilted Northern Toilet paper on sale for $5.99 this week.  This doesn't sound like a great price, but after using the printable Rite Aid coupons and using the Newspaper coupons (if you have them) this becomes a great deal.  This is even a great deal if you do not have the Newspaper coupons.   You would need to go watch the Videos on the Rite Aid webstite at to be able to get the Video Values coupons.  You would need to sign up 2 different times with two different emails so that you can print the needed coupon twice.  If you watch the Quilted Northern video, then you will be able to print 1 coupon for $5 off 2 packs of the toilet paper.  Then repeat again under a different sign in and print 1 more time.  Then watch the rest of the videos until you have 20 credits so that you can print the $5 off $20 purchase.

Here is your scenario:

4 12-packs of Quilted Northern TP                        =   $23.96
Use $5 off $20 RA Coupon                                    -   $  5.00
Use 2 $5 off 2 packs TP RA coupon                       -   $10.00
Use 4 $1 off QN TP coupons from Newspaper       -   $   4.00
                                                                       Total     $ 4.96 for 48 rolls of toilet paper!!

Even if you do not have the newspaper coupons, then it will only cost you $8.96 for 48 rolls of TP.  That is still a great price for name brand toilet paper!

FREE Ricola Cough Drops!

 Photo thanks to!

Another good deal at Walgreens this week!  These Ricola cough drops are $1 this week and are printing $1 RRs. So, they are technically free.  The deal gets even better because in the December Walgreens Healthy Savings Coupon Book (located at the front of the store!) there is a $.50 off coupon.  So you would only be paying $.50 and get back $1 RR!  However, these RRs are not rolling so you cannot use your RR from this deal to purchase another bag.


Purchase 1 bag of cough drops      $1.00
Use Healthy Savings Coupon        -$0.50
                Out of Pocket               $0.50 + tax
                        Receive                $1.00 RR